Jason’s Pack Walks in Okotoks is all about exercise, socialization and fun! Founder and Pack Leader Jason Kettle has been leading pack walks in Okotoks since 2017 beginning with two senior shih-tzus and has grown to two daily pack walks with packs of great pooches. When your dog joins Jason’s pack, they’ll be led by a seasoned dog walker who:  

  • Understands how dogs communicate with each other and with humans
  • Can mix and match pack members to suit your dog’s size, energy and other needs
  • Is a strong leader who commands respect in order to keep your dog safe and happy
  • A true dog lover who considers his four-legged clients his family.

How it works

  • Jason will arrange a meeting with you and your dog to get to know both of you. During this meeting, he will assess your dog’s energy and fit with other members of the pack to see where they might fit best
  • Jason will arrange contactless pick-up and drop-off procedures with you. He wears his mask in your home and sanitizes his hands before entering and after leaving. 
  • Jason will keep your keys and/or entrance code in a secure location at all times. He is most comfortable when clients have security cameras so they can see how pick-ups and drop-offs go. 
  • Occasionally a dog will be shy for their first walk. Jason may bribe them with a treat (with your permission) or may bring a friendly and seasoned pack member into your home to help convince your shy one to join the fun. 
  • Your dog will ride in the specially-designed “Poosh-mobile” – a Toyota Sienna minivan with full heating in the winter, air conditioning in the summer and padded interior for your dog’s safety and comfort. 
  • Pack walks have no more than six dogs at the Okotoks Off-leash Park. 
  • Occasionally, the pack will head to one of the members’ acreages (just north of the Honda dealership) for a pack party. The large yard is fully fenced and there’s even a doggie pool in the summer! 
  • Your dog will be dropped off tired, happy and ready for a nap.

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